Patients can now get healthcare at their doorsteps. They can consult their doctors from the comfort of their rooms, get lab test samples collected, get medicines delivered to their homes, all at the click of a button.


For patients

  • Maintain personal health record
  • Book appointments to doctors and have video consultations
  • Request nearby Lab to collect samples for lab tests ordered by the doctor
  • Get medicines delivered to home based on the prescription by the doctor

For doctors

  • Have video consultations with patients
  • Order labtests and get reports online
  • Order prescription online

For labs and pharmacies

  • Get online orders for lab tests and medicines
  • Labs can collect samples from patient’s home upload reports online
  • Pharmacies can deliver medicines to patients home

Our Mission

Healthcare & Education are the vital pillars of our society and we are dedicated to improve Access to Quality Medical Care and Educational Content Delivery through Advanced Technologies

Contact Us

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  •  US: +1 (408) 441 6732
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