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VitalWare 2.0

VitalWare 2.0 is a telemedicine software engine of TeleVital, that supports the real-time / store and forward raw and interpreted vital signs, medical images. All patient data is centrally stored and retrieved from a secure database server, making the data available at any time. VitalWare operates using a standard web-browser allowing for the transmission and receipt of medical data over hybrid IP networks

VitalWare has two versions 1.5 and 2.0. Based on the complexity and the scale of the telemedicine network the appropriate version of software is deployed.

The TeleVital solution consists of the following components:

  • • VitalWare Server Software
  • • VitalClient Software - Patient End
  • • VitalClient Software - Specialist End
VitalWare Server
Real Time Data Transfer : VitalWare allows real-time and store and forward of patient data. Patient data is centrally stored and retrieved from a secure data base server.   Security : VitalWare is highly secure with sufficient Authentications at software as well as hardware level. No unauthorized access to patient records is allowed.
EMR : VitalWare has an Electronic Medical Record, which is built on International Standards namely HL7 2.4 and DICOM3.0.   Administration : VitalWare has a very good telemedicine management module, which helps in Management of Remote nodes, Specialist Nodes, Doctors and telemedicine transactions.
Real-time Physiological Monitoring : VitalWare supports the real-time physiological monitoring, assessment, analysis, and viewing of raw and interpreted vital sign data from medical devices.   Audio/Video : VitalWare has an Integrated Audio / Video / chat / whiteboard solution using USB based web cameras. A log of all the video sessions with call duration and time is also available.
Remote Maintenance : VitalWare is designed to be upgraded / maintained from a remote location. This assures reduced downtime and better usability.   Medical Devices Support : TeleVital solution is based on the ability to accommodate data from various medical devices into the EMR.
VitalClient (Patient and Specialist End)

VitalClient is browser based. It works on Internet Explorer. Users can login into the server with the usernames and passwords provided to them and perform their telemedicine activities. The VitalClient has inbuilt viewers for viewing and processing of medical Images and other clinical data like ECG. The viewer is DICOM 3.0 compliant. In addition, the client has inbuilt acquisition module to capture data from devices like ECG, X-Ray scanners, Digital cameras etc.

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