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News - 2008

Victoria Hospital now linked to Specialists in India

Victoria Hospital now linked to Specialists Hospitals in India by satellite, allowing doctors here to consult by video with their counterparts.

Victoria Hospital now linked to Specialists in India Victoria Hospital now linked to Specialists in India
TCIL awards telemedcine solution contract to TeleVital

Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL), a public sector telecommunication consultancy and engineering company, has recently awarded TeleVital India Pvt. Ltd, contract for implementing telemedicine based software across Pan African nations. This includes 53 countries in African continent. This is one of the major feats of TeleVital in recent times.

Remote scalpel

Patchy health infrastructure and shortage of doctors in rural areas makes India a perfect ground to push telemedicine.

Timely and cost-effective intervention in healthcare is a mirage for most of India’s poor, around 72% of who live in its nearly 638,600 villages. It is also a Herculean task for any government. Patchy infrastructure and an acute shortage of doctors in rural and tribal areas are other irritants. This makes India a perfect case for a telemedicine-intensive healthcare system Read more »

Telemedicine for All

Interview : Prof. Shivaram Malavalli, President, TeleVital India Pvt. Ltd.
'Industry Speak' section of June '08 issue of eHEALTH - Magazine

Q. The experience of serving different customer bases such as an army hospital, health insurance firm and rural villages must be very different from each other. What has been the level of success in each of these areas?

A. Yes, TeleVital has the largest installation base reaching out to different customer bases, each with their different requirements and approach. The Army’s requirements are clearly defined and cater to the networking of secondary and speciality hospitals for enhancing the specialist support to secondary hospitals and catering to the healthcare requirements of soldiers in the remote border areas like Siachin. They have a strong protocol and high level of discipline achieving high level of success. PDF | Read more »