A video archival and streaming system customized for educational institutions and hospitals. Most suited for organizations where educational videos are recorded on regular basis and hosted for their students / employees.





  • A video streaming solution which works on chrome and firefox browsers of windows, android and ipads
  • Responsive design to suit the screens of PCs, laptops, pads and mobiles
  • Simple and rich interface with video searching and sorting
  • Videos are displayed with thumbnails and metadata
  • User friendly video player with full screen, seeking (with thumbnails), switch between resolutions
  • Simple admin interface to upload videos, manage keywords and metadata. Videos can also be picked up from an ftp server
  • Automatic transcoding to lower resolutions to help viewers with lower bandwidth
  • Facility to watermark videos to manage copyright
  • Manage video categories
  • Provide role based access of videos to users
  • Statistics about the usage of videos by users
  • Users can put personal notes for videos and the notes can be shared as well
  • While a user plays a video, related video thumbnails are also shown for further viewing
  • Admin / Teacher can link videos with supporting documents and questions
  • For eg: a pdf can be linked at 3 min :10 sec of video, a question at 10 min, and a jpg at 20 min. when users play the video, at the corresponding times the documents and questions are shown to the user and the user actions are recorded
  • Metadata can be picked up from the video or metadata can be updated into the video

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