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TeleVital Message

Mankind has conquered many diseases and the science of healing is a respectable knowledge base, yet millions continue to languish helplessly in the face of disease and suffering, globally. We realize that there is definite work that needs to be done by ‘integrating minds’ from varied knowledge disciplines in a ‘harmonious way’ to address health concerns in all its 360-degree perspective, leveraging the internet paradigm while ensuring sustainability and profitability.

TeleVital, evolved from a unique ‘health system driven’ paradigm and is addressing the challenges within and across health systems with technological innovations.

In a short span of time we have touched many lives in various parts of the world where access and reliability of healthcare is a major challenge. Today we are excited about the vast vistas that are becoming visible more clearly, as we realize success at every step towards eEnabling highly effective and clinically reliable solutions.

At TeleVital, we are addressing the challenges of seamless integration of functional components required within any health system.

TeleVital is all geared up to meet the eHealth revolution, as well as all the business challenges associated with it. We realize that a health system is unique for each of us. It is probably TeleVital’s deep understanding of the unique ‘human perspective’ of ‘care’, that each citizen deserves so much. TeleVital innovates at its best, redefining how technology should work for the healthcare of a citizen.

Please take a moment to learn more about TeleVital, the potential, the people, the process and the products.

Ensuring sustainability and profitability all the way throughout the lifecycle of health systems by effective process management using Information and Communications Technology.

Team TeleVital