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About TeleVital

Televital is the only company that offers integrated Electronic Patient Medical Record and real-time telemedicine software modules with unique auto-recognition and configuration architecture that enables plug-n-play for a wide variety of medical devices from different manufacturers. As a patient is evaluated, all test data is made available in real-time to authorized healthcare providers located anywhere in the world, and simultaneously and automatically stored in the patientís electronic medical record, which also contains the physicianís diagnosis and other medical and demographic information.


"Televitalís team is dedicated to improving access to medical care; and to improving the efficiency of healthcare information systems. Televitalís team will continue to accomplish these goals by providing interconnected medical record, and telemedicine software and services at affordable prices."


"Provide integrated eSolutions for comprehensive health system life cycle management"

Our Logo

Our logo signifies an integration of health systems. Each comb in the aura represents a componentof the health care ecosystem that powers our eHealth engine towards a global eHealth solution.