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Success Stories

Pan African telemedicine network

TeleVital has successfully implemented the telemedicine solution at 39 hospitals in Africa that are connected to 12 Super specialty hospitals in India as part of Pan-African telemedicine project. Read more>>

Official website of Pan-African e-network
Pan-African e-network whitepaper
eHealthcare to Army in Himalayan Mountains, India

India Army Camps are the Indian Army’s headquarters in the Northern India, and are located in the Himalayan Mountains, a very remote location that has an immense need for specialized health care. Read more>>

Telemedicine to Earthquake hit areas, Jammu Kashmir,India

As part of ISRO telemedicine program, TeleVital sussessfully installed and commissioned telemedicine solution at Civil Hospital, Uri and Tanghdar immediately after the 2005 earth quake. Both hospitals were connected to SKIMS Hospital, Srinagar for transferring Medical data of the injured victims. Hon. President of India Dr. Abdul Kalam visited Telemedicine center at Civil Hospital, Uri. . Read more>>

Program whitepaper
Telemedicine to Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India

During the 2004 tsunami, Andaman and Nicobar islands were the worst hit and as part of providing remote healthcare, TeleVital successfully deployed telemedicine to these islands and connected them to SRMC, Chennai and AIMS cochin. Read more>>

First Statewide eHealth Network, Karnataka, India

Karnataka State (India) Telemedicine Project-Operational Phase: TeleVital has the unique distinction of being the only Telemedicine company in the world to be participating as a Telemedicine solution provider in this unique healthcare Project by ISRO. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has implemented the Karnataka Telemedicine Project-Operational Phase, to bring multi-specialty healthcare, to a significant section of the rural population of the state of Karnataka, India. Read more>>

Remote anesthesia monitioring

MITAC partnered with TeleVital (Milpatis, CA) to develop and validate a method of monitoring patients under anesthesia in a mobile surgical facility in Ecuador using the World Wide Web and low bandwidth telecommunications to link Ecuador to MITAC in Richmond. 

TeleVital enables first ever remote anesthesiological monitoring over the internet
NASA Annual Report
Remote anesthesia montioring report
TeleVital Partnership with MediTAC
NBC News