Homecare on Cable Set-Top-Boxes in Texas

Telehealth Broadband, LLC is a subsidiary of Security Broadband Corporation, which has strategic alliances with the majority of the largest North American cable operators who reach over 70 million homes. Telehealth Broadband was formed to leverage our experience in broadband, communications and consumer services to provide the health care industry with a service infrastructure for delivering care to the 125 million Americans with chronic diseases and post-surgical patients.

The Healthium service promises

  • to reduce cost of care and improve health outcomes by delivering interactive health services directly to patient’s television sets in their homes.
  • to improve the wellness and peace of mind of individuals and their families by providing affordable professionally monitored health care and personal safety services directly to the home.
  • To provide Web-TV as a platform for communicating A/V, vital signs, education and questionnaire information over the cable network.

Our Mission

Healthcare & Education are the vital pillars of our society and we are dedicated to improve Access to Quality Medical Care and Educational Content Delivery through Advanced Technologies

Contact Us

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  •  US: +1 (408) 441 6732
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